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VR A320 Ditching Demo 

One of our originated in-house products. We collaborate with aviation professionals including pilots and cabin crew to develop a VR Training program. Our VR training software is specifically designed to assist training of crew members on a wide range of skills and procedures including safety and emergency training, in-flight services, aviation security training etc. It offers an immersive and engaging experience that allows users to interact with various scenarios in a realistic and intuitive way. Those scenarios could be tailor-made according to airlines operating procedures and requirements. In conjunction with traditional training methods, it can help crew members learn and retain information effectively.

This VR A320 Ditching Demonstration was inspired by air crash accident of Asiana 214 at San Francisco International Airport on 6th July 2013. This VR demo is simulating a scenario of the empennage section of the aircraft was torn off during ditching. The user is acting as a cabin crew member stationed at AFT Passenger/Emergency Door. Please note that the procedure shown in the video is not the exact one recommended by Airbus, but for illustrating the idea on how training could be done in Virtual Reality (VR) environment.


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