Accessible Home Designer

Occupational therapists (OTs) frequently need to conduct in-person assessments of their clients' homes to evaluate accessibility, but this approach can present various challenges. In particular, if the client's home is situated in a remote location, travel time can be extensive, leading to inefficiencies and delays.
Furthermore, it can be challenging for OTs to identify potential issues with a client's home without physically being present, making it harder to provide accurate and tailored advice. To optimise the assessment process and improve outcomes for clients, a more streamlined and effective solution is needed.
Accessible Home Designer (AHD) aims to provide an effective, efficient, and interactive solution for the OTs by revolutionising the way OTs design accessible home modifications for their clients. The application streamlines the design process, enabling OTs to create customised and innovative solutions that are tailored to each client's unique needs. AHD is also a valuable tool for OT students to gain hands-on experience in designing home modification for their clients. The interactive nature of the AHD allows students to create customised designs through enhanced visualisation of client’s virtual home environment. By using AHD, students can better understand the challenges faced by people with disabilities and develop practical solutions to improve their quality of life.
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